SoundSoap 4.10 Update

The SoundSoap 4.10 update is now available.  You can download the software using the following links:

Mac Installer
Windows Installer

Note if you purchased SoundSoap through the Mac App Store, do not download and install the Soundness edition above - your update will be available through the Mac App Store.

4.10 Changes
- Adds back the Sparkle app update system that was in earlier versions of SoundSoap 3, and a "Check for Updates" item under the Apple Menu
- The SoundSoap standalone application includes a new Batch File Processor.  Select a folder of input files and a folder for output files and SoundSoap will process the files it can read and save the files to a matching directory structure in the chosen destination.  Hold down ESC to cancel processing.
- About SoundSoap in the Apple Menu
- Note the SoundSoap AAX plug-in also works and appears as an "AudioSuite" plug-in for ProTools 12.

4.02 Changes
- Improved user experience when saving/closing with an unactivated copy
- Compatibility updates for AAX plug-in
- Improvements to the Declipper algorithm

4.01 Changes
- Fixed a problem where the audio processed by SoundSoap 4 is distorted using Adobe Premiere CC 2014
- Fixed a problem where AVI files were not saving properly from the Windows standalone application

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