Requirements for Activation:
1. The software must first be installed. Follow the instructions you received following the purchase of the product to install the software on your computer.
2. Your activation code must be available. Depending on how you obtained the software, the activation code will be provided in various ways: 
    • In downloaded purchases – in your email receipt from your purchase 
    • When bundled with another product – in the accompanying materials for the product the software is bundled with.    Check with the manufacturer of the product the software is bundled with for more information.
3. The computer you are activating the software on must have internet access available.

1. Enter your activation code and email address. If you use more than one email address, be sure to make a note of which one you registered with – this will make managing your Registration Account faster and simpler in the future. 
2. Click the “Activate” button. Once the software is activated, you can optionally register the software. Registering your software will allow you to receive product update information, tips, and other useful support resources.

On the Mac, if you are having issues activating with Sound Studio or Garageband or cannot run the standalone application and need a simple application for Activation, please see:

Free Alternative App for Activation

If you purchased your product on the Mac App Store you do not need to activate the software.

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