SoundSoap in Premiere CC

You may need to set up Premiere CC's VST Plug-Ins location before SoundSoap will appear in the list of Audio Effects:

1. In Premiere CC, under Options/Preferences... click on the "Audio" section.
2. Click on the "Audio Plug-Ins Manager..." button.  
3. Here you can add the path to the VST Plug-ins folder SoundSoap is installed at:
     /Program Files/Steinberg/VSTPlugins/
4. Click "Apply." Premiere will scan for plug-ins and SoundSoap should appear in the list.  Click OK.
5. Under Effects>Audio Effects in the Media Browser, you will find SoundSoap, which you can drag onto the audio on a clip in the timeline.  To bring up the SoundSoap user interface, click on the "Effect Controls" tab in the Inspector, then click on SoundSoap's "Custom Setup > Edit..." button.

Note: Adobe Premiere Elements and versions of Adobe Premiere Pro prior to CC 2014 do not support third party VST plug-ins such as SoundSoap.

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