Activation Problems on OS 10.9.2

3/22/13 Update: we have resolved this issue with the SoundSoap 3.04b release, available here.


Apple recently introduced some changes in 10.9.2 that have affected users activating SoundSoap 3 using the standalone application.  We are working with Apple to resolve this issue.  If you are experiencing problems where the activation code does not "stick", you will need to activate the software using a workaround until we can provide a solution to this issue.  

You can use a plug-in host application like Peak, Amadeus Pro, Sound Studio, Logic, ProTools, Adobe Audition, Adobe Premiere, Digital Performer, Wavelab, or Final Cut Pro X to bring up and activate SoundSoap 3.  The SoundSoap 3 installer automatically installed plug-ins in AU, RTAS, AAX, and VST formats, along with the SoundSoap 3 application.  Follow the instructions in your host application for accessing third-party audio plug-ins.

If you do not have a plug-in host application, you can use AU Lab:

Using AU Lab for Activating SoundSoap 3

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