SoundSoap with Garageband X

After launching AU Lab, press the "Create Document" button in the dialog that appears.  A mixer graphical user interface will appear, with an area titled "Effects".  Here you can select Antares>SoundSoap and enter your activation information.

SoundSoap with Garageband X Instructions:

1. Launch the Garageband application.  
2. Create a new empty project and create an Audio/Record With Microphone track.  
3. Drag the audio or video file that you want to clean from the Finder that into the new track you just created.
4. Make sure Smart Controls is on (towards the top on the left - the button looks like a dial).  
5. Select the track with the audio on it by clicking on the left side where volume and pan controls are located (it is probably labeled "Audio 1")
6. Below the audio tracks, there is an Inspector area.  Click on the circled "I", "Master' and "Output" buttons.  
7. You should see an area now where you can activate Audio Unit plug-ins labeled "Audio FX".  Click on a slot here and choose Audio Units > Antares > SoundSoap > Stereo.  
8. The SoundSoap user interface will now appear, and you can adjust it's settings during playback to clean noise in your files.
9.  When you are ready to apply SoundSoap, export the project using the Share menu's "Export Song to Disk" command.

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