7. SoundSoap Quickstart

Thank you for using SoundSoap 5!  SoundSoap can be used in many ways, but by observing the following tips, you will get the best results in the least amount of time.  This QuickStart will show you the basics on how to use SoundSoap 5.  There are two windows - the SoundSoap window and the Media window, shown above.  If you aren't using the SoundSoap application but are using the SoundSoap plug-in, you won't have the Media window, just the SoundSoap window.

1. Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop the video or audio files you want to clean from the Finder, iMovie, etc. into the SoundSoap Media Window

2. Turn it On

Turn SoundSoap's Noise reduction on using the power button in the media Window.  Adjust SoundSoap's settings in the SoundSoap Window.

3. Share

Press the Share Button (Mac Only) when you are ready to share your cleaned files to Facebook, over email, using AirDrop, and more.  You can also use the Save command (Mac and PC) in SoundSoap's File menu.

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